Artisan Young Manchego Plus Sliced Serrano Ham
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  • 6 oz Serrano ham + 1 lb Manchego cheese
  • The classic tapas pairing, ready to serve
  • One of Spain's best Manchegos

Two great foods from Spain form this classic tapa combination.

First, imported Jamón Serrano. The cured mountain ham is sliced paper thin and individually leaved for your easy use. The vacuum-sealed plastic package keeps it fresh for more than one occasion.

As is often the case at all tapas bars, the slices of jamón are paired with the famous sheep's milk cheese from La Mancha -- home of Don Quijote.

The Manchego cheese we have chosen is our most popular 3 month aged version. It is young and relatively mil

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Artisan Young Manchego Plus Sliced Serrano Ham

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